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Can You Really Love Your Career & Have a Life...A Vibrant & Healthy Life?

Damn straight! Yes, you absolutely can. Hear my personal story of physical struggle and emotional conflict with trying to obtain the unobtainable...the perfect work - life balance. Learn how you can leverage stress to double your energy and achieve peak performance in your career without sacrificing "me-time, downtime (including sleep), family time and fun! 

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The 7 Best Strengthening Moves You Can Do Right Now At Your Desk!

No time for the gym? Bring the gym to you! In fact, much can be gained when keeping your workout routine simple and consistent! Learn 7 strengthening moves you can do without having to change into workout gear or ever pick up a dumbbell!

Sugar Bellies - Kick the Sugar Habit For Good

Did you know? Sugar belly? It's a thing! The more sugar you eat, the faster you age and the greater your risk for a host of diseases. And that just skims the surface on the deleterious effects of too much sugar. We'll cut to the chase in this seminar and separate fact from fiction when it comes to this sweet and juicy sugar talk. Get off the blood sugar roller coaster for good!

The Magic Combination: Leveraging Movement, Food & Sleep to Send Your Energy Through the Roof!

Say goodbye to the 3pm slump that sends you in search of a sweet treat or a coffee run. Learn to leverage the power of habit change around movement, food & sleep to fuel steady energy throughout your day. 

How to Eat: Learn the surprising key to good health that's more important than what you eat. You'll learn a powerful brain training method that can help you re-wire patterns of unhealthy habits, as well as powerful strategies for improving digestion. 

Spread the Health

Discover your #1 next step toward improving your health and the health of those around you. You'll learn 7 simple steps to transition away from a highly processed diet as well as learn the benefits of adding more local and organic foods.



Need a quick mental boost? How about an easy "go-to" move to counteract stress? Or simply, a "feel good" break? In just a few easy moves, you can improve your health—even while sitting at your desk! 

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Swap This For That (Nutrition)

Introducing healthier foods into your meals doesn't have to be overwhelming or worse, leave a bad taste in your mouth! Healthy and delicious go hand in hand when you learn to simply swap out high sugar, unhealthy fat and highly processed foods for whole and healthy alternatives. Making healthy choices is easier than you think! 

Think Yourself Healthy: Leverage the power of positive thoughts to create radical behavior change and better health outcomes. You'll learn how to upgrade your thoughts and beliefs to create more self-love, an ideal weight and better health. You're just a thought or two away from loving the body you're in!

Ready, Set, Eat! 

You'll learn what to eat when traveling and how to time your meals to increase energy and stay healthy on the the car, at the airport, in between meetings and during extended travel. A "No Excuses" approach to healthy living wherever and however you go.

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