The Have a Career & Still Be a Great Mom 

Coaching Program

Create a fresh and realistic vision for what it means to have a successful career AND be the mom you want to be

Learn how to honor your need to unplug from work and your kids 

Free yourself from the chains of guilt associated with taking a break, letting loose and just relaxing

Develop an arsenal of strategies to overcome the tendency to work more, do more, eat more, or "more-more"

Ditch perfectionism and embrace a "good enough" mentality

Learn how to silence the negative mental chatter that says "you're not doing the mom-thing right"

Learn how to be fully engaged with the ones you love in an "all access" corporate culture

Learn how to manage energy draining people and activities in your life

Reignite your "mom-jo" spark

Kick the "100% across the board" mentality to the curb for good 

Understand what it means to shift the hustle mindset to one of alignment

Update your beliefs around what it means to "be a successful working mom"




Step into a future you that is 100% committed to having the career you want AND being the mom you want to be!

Working Mom: Is There Any Other Kind?

I've been a working mom who held a job outside of my home. I've been a working mom who has had her own fitness business. I've been an unemployed working mom. I have lots of mom friends. I have the best mom in the universe (maybe you do too). I remind my kids, much to their annoyance, mom spelled upside down spells "wow"! Moms are a very special breed, whether you're a step mom, a foster mom, an adoptive mom, a mom-to-be or any other kind of mom. 

On Mothering



We wipe snotty noses. We wipe up spills. We wipe down dirty walls. We get wiped out. 


We run the household. We run up the stairs. We run down the daily schedule. We run out of steam. 


We drive in carpools. We drive to Starbucks. We drive out of our way. Our kids drive us crazy. 

We go the extra mile. We go to bed late. We go nonstop. Sometimes we forget to go. 


We wait for the doctor to call. We wait up til the kids get home.  We "wait..whaaat?!?!" when the boss calls at dinner time. 


We clean toilets. We clean out closets. We clean in between appointments. We clean up nice.


We make dinner. We make up for mistakes. We make the most of rainy days. We make everything ok.  


We give baths. We give out hugs. We give in on occasion. We never give up.


If the light of your "mom-jo" has dimmed and your showing up a little less bright in your life,

in your work, in your body, in your relationships, just know that she, the one with the

"mom-jo", is still there waiting for her spotlight....the one with an exuberant spirit, the confidence, the body that moves well, and a mind that is strong and fearless. Give her some love, give her a break, give her some time and then invite her back.