Evolution Training 

Life Evolves. Shouldn't Your Body?

"The Love Your Career & Still Have a Life"

90 Day Coaching Program


Create a fresh and bold vision for what it means to have a career AND a life that you love

Learn how to honor your need to unplug from work and just relax 

Ditch perfectionism and free yourself from the cuffs of "work harder now, I'll relax later"

Learn how to silence the negative mental chatter that robs you of a good night's sleep

Learn how to be fully present and engaged with the ones you love in an "all access" corporate culture

Learn how to incorporate daily mindfulness that matters

Discover what choices around food fuel your body

Discover options around movement that energize your body and just feel good

Kick the "all or nothing" mentality to the curb for good

Learn how to let go of energy draining activities and soul sucking people in your life

Find freedom in the simple act of turning your phone off when you get home

Develop authentic anticipation and appreciation for much deserved "downtime"

Discover the meaning behind "go, go, go" and transform your thoughts and embrace, "slow, slow, slow - down"

Build strategies to reduce stress and maximize rest

Understand what it means to shift the hustle mindset to one of alignment

Develop an arsenal of strategies to overcome the tendency to work more, do more, eat more, or "more-more"

Free yourself from corporate cultural norms that say grinding harder and longer is the ticket to success

Set clear and firm boundaries that separate work time and "you time" 

Understand your beliefs around what it means to "be successful" in your work and in your life

Learn how to integrate small, manageable lifestyle choices one step at a time

Step into a future you that is 100% committed to living a happy life on your terms!

Evolution Training

Transform the dream of a vibrant, energized and fit body into a reality...your reality!

Exude the confidence that comes from loving the skin you're in. 

Know what it's like to no longer be a "mood slave" to a number on a scale.

Discover what kind of exercise brings about the fastest change for your unique body type. 

Slip into clothes, outer and under, without a sense of dread. 

Look great naked. 

Stop waging war on your body once and for all. 

Leverage nutrition and recovery to take your training to the next level. 

Ditch the idea that exercise has to be punishing to be effective. 

Transform outdated perspectives of exercise and experience it as a positive attitude in action

Learn how to honor your body's innate desire to move and to rest. 

Cut to the chase when it comes to getting the body you want. 

Kick the "all or nothing" mentality to the curb for good.

Develop authentic anticipation and appreciation for exercise in your life. 

Experience what it means to LOVE moving your body!

Step into a future you that is 100% committed to having the body you're proud of; one that has you doing more ...because you can.





















Incinerate body fat and launch your metabolism into overdrive!

High intensity interval training integrates segments of heart pumping cardio drills with periods of active recovery designed to blast belly fat, boost your energy and reshape your entire body. Blast through stubborn weight loss plateaus for good!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Muscle toning, bone building, butt shaping and belly firming are just a few of the many benefits of strength training. Strength training is also a crucial component of a weight loss program. Exude confidence, love the body you're in and look great naked too!

Resistance & Strength Training

Overcome restrictions in range of motion caused by stiff muscles, old injuries, poor posture and poor movement habits. Get out of bed without moaning and groaningExperience what it feels like to enjoy a sense of freedom and ease when you move!

man stretching.jpg
Flexibility Training 

Cut to the core! Tap into the power of core training to enhance posture, alleviate back pain, create ease in movement and reshape your  midsection. 

Slide into your jeans without squeezing in your belly!

Core Strengthening & Stability Training

Maintain independence and overcome the fear of falling. Capitalize on three innate systems for improving balance and reaction time.  Get back to moving with freedom and doing the things you love!

Balance & Proprioceptive Training 

What does your sport require? Train for the unique demands of your sport be it power, agility, endurance, strength, speed, flexibility or a combination of all of the above. Whether you're competing to win or just enjoying the fun of a sport, prime your body to perform at its best and avoid injury. 

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Sports Conditioning

The most vital force in any business stems directly from its human resources...its team. Improved productivity, reduced sick time and an increase in team morale are just a few of the benefits associated with employee wellness & fitness programs. Services include: Coffee Talks, Lunch n' Learns, One on One health & fitness coaching & Group Fitness. Learn more about my corporate offerings.  

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Corporate Fitness