The Love Your Career, Live Your Life 

Coaching Program

The Love Your Career, Live Your Life Coaching Program 

Create a fresh and bold vision for what it means to have a career AND a life that you love
Learn how to honor your need to unplug from work and just relax 
Discover what it feels like to stop thinking about work when you're out with family and friends
Ditch perfectionism and free yourself from the cuffs of "keep grinding"
Learn how to silence the negative mental chatter that robs you of a good night's sleep
Learn to be fully engaged with the ones you love in an "all access" corporate culture
Understand what it means to shift the hustle mindset to one of alignment
Set clear and firm boundaries that separate work time and "you time" 
Understand your beliefs around what it means to "be successful" in your work and in
your life
Free yourself from corporate cultural norms that say grinding harder and longer is the
ticket to success
Step into a future you that is 100% committed to excelling in your career AND living an abundantly happy life!