"I am beyond impressed with the work Jo-Ann has done so far and continues to do with the members of my organization.  Maintaining a stable work-life balance has not only improved production, but has made the workplace an even better environment to work in and my employees happier individuals.  To me, this is PRICELESS.  Thank you Jo-Ann!"

Dan Doyle, President, CardWorks Acquiring

“Jo-Ann has found her calling as a lifestyle and executive coach.  She thoughtfully organizes each coaching session, tailoring the content, techniques, and tips to meet the client where he/she is and has the ability to flex/pilot as needed to maximize each connection.  I’ve never met Jo-Ann in person yet I have fostered a deep connection with her and I trust her.  She has helped me identify my purpose and what is important to me.  I highly recommend Jo-Ann and the experience she creates.”

Brigid Zeoli, Campbell Soup Company, Vice President, Human Resources, Corporate Functions

Jo-Ann's coaching sessions have changed my life. She is an amazing coach and caring mentor.  She motivated and inspired me to make positive changes in my life.  I have learned so much about myself and she has provided me the life tools to succeed both personally and professionally. I am a different person than I was prior to having her as my life coach. Donna D. Chief Financial Officer, CardWorks Acquiring

"Jo-Ann is a superstar in this space! Her services deliver even greater value to corporate teams during these challenging and unprecedented times. Jo-Ann Houston = Corporate Coach Extraordinaire! Bill Madden, Director New York Communications & Government Affairs


"Jo-Ann is an extremely compassionate, caring, tender and loving person and coach. Her knowledge and grace in the area of health and wellness is worthy of my highest recommendation." Thank you, Jo-Ann."  Angela D. Full Time Professional


"Working with Jo-Ann was life changing!  Jo-Ann has helped me reduce stress both at work and in my personal life.  A bonus was I lost weight while working with her.  She really listens to your needs! I was definitely a challenge as I have my guard up at all times but I am thankful I worked with Jo-Ann. She was able to help break down my walls and revel my best self! I highly recommend working with her."  Linda Beller, Vice President of Operations, CardWorks Acquiring.

"Jo-Ann is the best. What a wonderful experience working with her. She is an excellent coach. I highly recommend her and her services. She is a breath of fresh air in this crazy world!"  Kathleen Geisinger MS, RN, CPHQ Accreditation Specialist

"After speaking with Jo-Ann, I knew immediately that working with her would be the right fit. Jo-Ann was incredibly positive, motivating, flexible and supportive during our 90 day coaching program. I now have such a sense of calmness and peace after working with Jo-Ann. She helped me realize what’s most important to me and how to make real and lasting change in my life. She inspired and empowered me and helped me overcome my fear of failure. I would recommend Jo-Ann to anyone who wants a compassionate and enthusiastic expert to help them on how to lead a healthier and more balanced lifestyle."

Cara Stathas., Full Time Working Mom of 2 

"Jo-Ann, I wanted to thank you for your help thus far. I had a huge realization today. I'm no longer using food to cope with my emotions! Your work with me has made such a huge impact. I've picked up my brushes for the first time in 3 months and have started creating art again. It was an emotional piece about taking off the mask and dealing with what's inside. Thank you so much for being a part of my journey!" Hailey S. Makeup Artist


"As a nurse who works night shifts, there are unique challenges when it comes to self care. Jo-Ann did a great job of supporting me and holding me accountable. Sleep is very challenging given my schedule. With just one simple change, I was able to fall asleep faster and more easily than I’ve ever been able to. I’m consistently eating at least one meal a day sitting down without any distractions and bringing a new level of mindfulness to nutrition. I relax more by tapping into my creative potential as an artist through drawing and coloring. I never felt like I was assigned tasks that would mean overhauling my current routine. That was very

important to me from the start. Working with Jo-Ann has been a very valuable experience for me! Lauren H. Nurse


"Jo-Ann is a powerhouse of knowledge and skill in her field. She works tirelessly to help others succeed. She herself has done the work and knows firsthand how to triumph setting and crushing goals. Her guidance and support will undeniably help you achieve your greatest potential." Dawn Weiss, Chief Marketing Officer at CycleBar

"Jo-Ann is a dynamo of positive energy, inspiration, and enthusiasm. But more than that, she knows how to follow-through and execute tactical plans and SMART goals. Jo-Ann understands that energy without execution burns itself out and goes nowhere. She helps her clients achieve their goals strategically – with the requisite positive follow up to see you to your goals and beyond." Josh G., Business Owner

"I’m so grateful for having said yes to Jo-Ann’s 90 day coaching program! One by one I have dropped one bad habit after the next. I’m now building a life that aligns with the goals I set around my health and my mindset. I feel great already and we’re not done yet! I can’t wait to see what comes next for me as I have a new sense of purpose and direction. Thank you Jo-Ann!"

Irina L. Acupuncturist

"Jo-Ann is passionate about helping you become the best you can be.  She is encouraging and helps you find the right ways to express what feels authentic. She has been a true asset to me as I started a new business." Rene T, Fitness Franchise Owner

"Jo-Ann is truly, truly gifted!  She helped me clearly identify goals to get myself unstuck and helped me to make real change. I've lost almost 20 pounds in 3 months! Part thought provoker, part strategist, part cheerleader, Jo-Ann helped me find within myself what was blocking my growth. I continue to look forward to our weekly sessions which leave me feeling empowered.  Jo-Ann has become a trusted partner in my transformation back to my authentic self." Lynn H, Nurse Practitioner                                                                     

"Jo-Ann has this passion and energy for health and wellness that is infectious and invigorating! As an owner of a fitness company, she has supported me professionally and emotionally. Her compassion, experience, and knowledge make her the absolute best as a coach and speaker!" Leslie D. Business Owner  

"Jo-Ann Houston is truly a charismatic presenter.  She has the ability to take topics such as stress management and create a session that engages every employee in the room.  Her energy level, enthusiasm and connection with our employees made for a very successful session. We are already planning another session with Jo-Ann!" Kristina S. Senior VP Human Resources

"Jo-Ann brought an undeniable energy to our group.  Her follow-up tips for a healthier lifestyle I continue to enact daily.  I would highly recommend her services if you are looking for a healthier, happier more balanced lifestyle.  Equipped with the right tools and mind-set, everyone has the potential for a true success story like hers!" Ashley R. Director of Sales