Transformational Coaching Method

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Relax Your Mind

When the mind is in a constant state of overwhelm, it's impossible to relax and recharge.

Learn how to "flip the switch" and turn off the stress response so you can get a good night's sleep and enjoy more downtime.

Transform self defeating mental chatter into positive and uplifting thoughts that motivate you.


Access the mental clarity you need to make decisions with peace of mind.


Enjoy the benefits of mindfulness so you can be "in the moment" and experience more joy and less stress in your life. 

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Reboot Your Body

Your body is intimately related to your mind. When you "train your brain" to adopt health promoting habits, it will respond. 

Increase physical strength and stamina with easy to implement nutrition and exercise strategies. 

Create an abundance of energy to do what you love to do. 

Say goodbye to living in a constant state of  physical depletion.

Manifest the confidence you desire to be in your own skin. 

Kick the "all or nothing" mentality to the curb for good. 


Recharge Your Life

You are the creator of your own life! You already have what it takes to thrive in every aspect. It's time to access it. 


Spark  the spirit of confidence and optimism to propel you forward.


Reap the benefits of habit change to transform your vision of a big and bold future into your reality. 


Quickly move out of overwhelm and "stuckness" and into a renewed zest for life. 


Uplevel your life with the right tools, the support and the accountability (the kick in the ass that's hard to give to yourself) to ensure inevitable success.

My Approach

If You Could Only Imagine


Imagine living a life without conflict between making health promoting choices and health

destructive ones. 

Imagine a time when you're not torn between the demands of your job and the

desire to spend more time having fun, being with your family or simply relaxing.

Imagine being a human being first, not a human doer.


Imagine being able to achieve a state of deep and restorative sleep for 7-8 hours.


Imagine consistently eating well and exercising because it's just what you do, not

something you constantly wrestle with yourself over.


From Your Imagination to Your Reality

The Transformational Coaching Method is a powerful multidimensional strategy I use to help you transform self defeating behaviors and patterns into well established and enduring healthy habits. It's widely known, anecdotally and scientifically, that habits are the #1 determinants of quality of life. From a health perspective, habits are the primary influencers on the presence or absence of symptoms of disease. It's no surprise that when you change your habits, you have the power to change your life! 


Habits are literally wired into our brains. They are automated behaviors. They are habituated responses. No wonder it's so challenging to change a habit that you've performed thousands of times over five, ten or twenty years! The Transformational Coaching Method is not about creating quick fixes; it is about instilling lasting habit change.

Transformational Coaching: You, Only Better. You, More Relaxed. You, More Fun to be Around

My unique approach helps you uncover what's been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having the health, the energy and the time you want for a joyfully balanced life. I'll help you create a new and bold vision for the life you desire, one that includes vibrant health, relaxation, family time and fun. 

My Transformational Coaching Programs are designed to give you curated information which means that you can expect to receive information that's relevant, practical and actionable. 

While extremely useful, even curated information is not enough to instill habit change. That's where support comes in. 


Weekly Coaching Calls (depending on which program is best for you)

Weekly Email Recaps from me to you 

Weekly Action Steps that move you toward your goals 

Text & Email Support 

Celebration of the big and small wins along the way

An Accountability Strategy for when you're tempted to make choices that aren't

in alignment with your goals. 

Me stretching you to dream bigger and reach further than you would ever go on your own! 


Curated information and support? Even that's not enough to create lasting habit change. The missing key component? It's accountability; the thing that makes the difference between "I want to to do it" and "I did it!" As a dedicated Health & Life Coach, I hold you accountable to the step by step strategy designed to transform your life one habit at a time! And this part, you don't have to imagine. Your coaching program happens from the comfort and privacy of your own home right over the phone. Let's talk! If you're stuck in some way in your health or your life, learn how to get unstuck for good!


I LOVE this "work" but honestly can't call it that. Coaching is a calling; one that invites an entirely new way of being that feels really, really good. Discover how good your life can be!   With love, Jo-Ann